Friday, April 1, 2016

New Photo Setup - Thanks to Mengel Miniatures

So I was lucky enough to get a quick email back from Tyler Mengel, with I have been simply inspired by Tyler's work for a long time, and while I always am learning painting technique from him, this time I got some help on the set up for my photographs.

Previously I had been either using my iPhone or a Nikon that I have, but never had invested in any sort of light box. After reading an article over on Mengel Miniatures I decided to invest in one and purchased what Tyler said he was using. I'll let the before and after shots below speak for themselves.

With the light Box

What a huge difference compared to my previous posts. I'm really excited as this does two things for me:

1) Good photos of models help you pick out the mistakes. Seriously. I mean, I would fully admit the guy above is a work in progress, but it is so much easier to see where the blends need to be cleaned up, where I had some flesh color get on the armor, where I need to put in edge highlights, etc.

2) It hopefully will make reading the blog a bit more enjoyable

A huge thanks to Tyler again for even responding to me with his personal opinion!

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